Crokinole Elite

A Crokinole that meets the international tournament standards, with a unique inlaid board and premium quality.

Crokinole Exclusive

A Crokinole that meets the international tournament standards, with custom board graphics and premium quality.

Crokinole Tournament

A Crokinole that meets the international tournament standards, in a wide range of color combinations and premium quality.

Crokinole Mini

A Crokinole that is smaller than the international tournament standards, in 3 different colors, with proportionally smaller discs.


Sling is a fast-paced flicking table game in which players try to shoot all their discs to the opponent’s side.


Carrom is like a kind of billiards played with fingers. Try to flick the discs into the corner holes and score extra points by capturing the red disc (queen)


Pitrush is a crazy flicking game for the whole family. Players flick small wooden discs to try and take as many pits as possible from their fellow players.

Carrom Silver Set – Cherry / Ebony

$ 837.00

Preview of the board in this set:


Carrom is a traditional Indian board game that requires exceptional skill, making it a real pro's game.

Compared to Crokinole and Pitrush, this swipe game has the longest track record and largest board size. Although it can and will be enjoyed by younger children with its simplified rules, this game is recommended for older children.

The game can take around half an hour to an hour to play, during which time concentration and well-aimed shots are essential. The basic rules are very simple, very similar to billiards at first sight, except that here you have to shoot discs (the Carrom men and the Queen) into holes in the corners of the court using a larger shooting disc. The well-developed little details of the rules and the necessary use of various swiping techniques end up making the game quite different from billiards.



Try out Crokinole for as long as a month and if you don’t like it, let us know sooner than 30 days from arrival of your package. We will pay your money back.


We create timeless fun. This is why we guarantee that your Crokinole board will be playable for a century. We repair or replace your board if manufacturing fault is noticed.


After thousands of gameplays, microscopic scratches are inevitable to appear on the playing surface. Our scratch removing one-time service will furbish your board.


Carrom game rules

Detailed Carrom rules in the language you have chosen. Format: (4 pages)

Red (Queen) Carrom disc

A red Carrom disc (Queen) for the Carrom game.

2 Carrom striker disc

Stiker disc for the game Carrom. Made of solid plastic (Plexiglas) with patterned printed and glued foil.

Nature Carrom disc set

This set contains 9 nature discs for the Carrom game. These maple wood discs have lacquered finish to protect color and slide smoothly on the board.

Black Carrom disc set

This set contains 9 black discs for the Carrom game. These maple wood discs have lacquered finish to protect color and slide smoothly on the board.

Tournament storage box

It is recommended to store the discs in one place. This natural wooden box, without varnish, is an excellent way to do this. It is large enough to hold two of the Tournament disc sets and 3-3 spare discs.

Gliss powder 90g

Using gliss powder usually increases the percentage of 20-point shots, because you almost don't have to worry about the power of the shot! Gliss powder is harmless to the human body. Swallowing it has no harmful effects and children can use it for play without any problems.

Gliss powder refill 90g

The refill is primarily recommended for those who have already used up their gliss powder bottle.

Wax set

Microfiber wipes plus wax (20 ml). With this cleaning set you can make your Woodestic Crokinole board shiny and even more slippery at any time.

Ergonomic wooden pen

An elegant wooden ballpoint pen with a comfortable grip that can be used, among other things, to keep score from game to game.

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