Crokinole Elite

A Crokinole that meets the international tournament standards, with a unique inlaid board and premium quality.

Crokinole Exclusive

A Crokinole that meets the international tournament standards, with custom board graphics and premium quality.

Crokinole Tournament

A Crokinole that meets the international tournament standards, in a wide range of color combinations and premium quality.

Crokinole Mini

A Crokinole that is smaller than the international tournament standards, in 3 different colors, with proportionally smaller discs.


Sling is a fast-paced flicking table game in which players try to shoot all their discs to the opponent’s side.


Carrom is like a kind of billiards played with fingers. Try to flick the discs into the corner holes and score extra points by capturing the red disc (queen)


Pitrush is a crazy flicking game for the whole family. Players flick small wooden discs to try and take as many pits as possible from their fellow players.


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